Hi, I’m Kyla

Here’s the obligatory introduction post highlighting the one and only owner of Bore Tide Photography & Uncharted Elopements, Kyla Steward. As an Alaskan born & raised photographer, there’s a long-standing passion for creating artistic imagery, focused on Alaskan Elopements and Weddings, Family, Senior, and Maternity photography.

Hi, my name is Kyla and I am the owner of Bore Tide Photography and Uncharted Elopements based out of the most gorgeous place on earth, Alaska! I want to keep this short and sweet because I’m not one to toot my own horn, so here are a few fun facts about moi:

    That’s right, I speak Spanish! Less fluent now due to my location, but with enough tequila I quickly become fluent quickly. I have studied Spanish since my freshman year of high school and have had multiple opportunities to study abroad. Costa Rica and Spain both hold special places in my heart due to the home stays. I have travelled to Mexico multiple times for fun and also some missionary work. Language has always been a passion and something I enjoyed — it helps that I have been afforded to travel to gorgeous locations and countries and meet some of the most genuine and friendly life-long “family” members. I also had some bomb-diggity teachers and professors.

    BONUS: Clearly, I love to travel and I cannot WAIT to explore this world more, especially if my photography affords me the opportunity. I have a list of dream elopement locations, so if you want to make some magic and make my dreams come to life — check out the list and let’s connect! As an Alaskan photographer, there are SO MANY gorgeous places to explore here. Check out my list of the best places to elope in Alaska if you’re struggling to choose.

  2. I ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
    The stereotypical Harley rider is a 55-year-old man with a cut-off tee, beard, tattoo skull sleeves, and a haggard appearance. I like to think of myself as the exception to the stereotype. My love for motorcycles comes from my father, who owned multiple and rode like a madman. The peace, confidence and freedom I find while rocking some leather gear is just beyond words. It’s truly my happy place where the world and problems and chaos all melt away; it’s just me, where the rubber meets the road and it’s absolutely exhilarating.

    One of my dream Alaskan Elopements to photograph and style would be for an eloping biker couple. I already have an ENTIRE vision board for this, so if this is you, please PLEASE reach out!

  3. 35mm or BUST!
    This may date me a little bit, but the very first camera I ever owned was a 35mm FILM camera give to me for Christmas when I was 10 or 11. This is the day I began to consider myself an Alaskan Photographer. I remember venturing out with dad and our film cameras, driving down random roads to find our next muse.

    My dad was all about teaching — ISO, FILM, EXPOSURE, COMPOSITION– these words were meaningless to me then, but snapping a photo was something that lit a flame in me! Since that Christmas I have owned a camera in some capacity (cell phones not counted here). I think it’s safe to assume my sense of adventure and roots of becoming an Alaskan photographer sprouted during these random road trips.

    BONUS: Currently, my primary camera is the Canon R mirrorless body and my favorite lens is my RF 28-70 f/2.0. I plan to add the Canon R5 to my arsenal this summer to become my main shooter.

    BONUS2: I am also working on obtaining my drone pilots license to be able to fly more places, more knowledgeably, for more epic imagery and videos of Alaska’s insane beauty. Plus, I love the drama of drone photography.

    Don’t hate me for speaking the truth! I have been a dog person my whole life, but that’s really only because I have some wild allergies. I always owned poodles or poodle mixes, but recently rescued a little village mutt named Roka, which means “Little Fox” in a native Alaskan language. Roka came to Anchorage through a local rescue, popped out a couple puppies, and then needed a home. She came home with me shortly after the passing of my Bella (dog) from lymphoma.

    Roka has about 4 inches of ground clearance; she’s a short-legged wonder. She is a mix of Husky (eyes and ears and the AMOUNT OF SHEDDING OMGGGG), terror (terrier), and corgi. Short-legged, long-bodied, satellite-eared, talkative little Roka. She also has a backpack she wears when we go hiking and she carries her own water. She so cuuuuuute.

    This may not be a surprise because I was literally raised in a world-class fishing town, but I L-O-V-E it. Salmon, halibut, rock fish, cod– whatever. Let’s go sling some lines. Be warned, though, that I can be a little “hard core” about my fishing.

    My most fond memories are the long weekends spent at my family’s cabin in Willow. We, the fisher-people of my family, would wake up at 4:00am and throw on some random clothing, shovel a plate of food down our throats, then pile into the fishing vehicles and caravan down to Willow Creek. This was a magical place and still holds SO many amazing memories spent with family, catching gigantic King Salmon, and napping on the dirt shore under a pile of jackets from various family members.

This is really just a snippet of who I am, but I am an open book. I have lived in many places, had to brush the dust off more than once, and continue to look forward to the future and manifesting my own legacy. If you would love to get to know me better, I’d love to connect! Here’s the Gram for Uncharted Elopements and Bore Tide Photography.