An Alaska Elopement: Jeff + Calliope

For Better or Worse, in Sickness and in Health: An Alaska Elopement in Covid Times

Alaska Elopement at Beluga Point
A couple stands on rocks while reciting vows in Alaska
Calliope pushed back Jeff's wind-blown hair during their Alaska Elopement

If there’s anything I know from the past 2 years, it is that even in the worst global times, love conquers all; there’s really a reason that vows state both sides of the spectrum to cover the highs and lows, sickness and health, good or bad, as long as you both shall live. Mainly, because tomorrow is guaranteed and at some point, as humans, we must persist and continue to adapt in order to overcome the odds, which is EXACTLY what Calliope and Jeff did for their Alaskan Elopement, even amid Covid times.

One of the first questions I ask my clients is to share about their wedding day and their journey together. I love getting to know my couple past their wedding day because this allows me to really tell a story of their love through the images I capture. I want to capture the love, the looks, the details, and the emotion of every moment.

When I was first contacted by Calliope and Jeff, all I could think about was how I could possibly make their elopement day MORE special becuse they had been through the ringer in terms of planning a wedding during Covid. They had planned multiple in-person weddings followed with the disappointment of ultimately cancelling their plans, C+J decided to elope. Being educators, they both had a week off in March and they decided on Alaska or Hawaii for their elopement. Ultimately, Alaska had less restrictions for travelers, so off to the great frigid North they went!

April 14th: The Day of the Elopement

Literally, an elopement is exactly what the couple wants and that is liberating. It is easy to bounce around or set a loose schedule or just run with the punches of the day. After I spoke with J + C, it was evident that these two are the real deal. Their elopement plans had fallen together seamlessly with contacting me, their photographer, and I was able to help point Calliope in the direction of an officiant, some florals, and a few suggestions for things to prepare like, you know, the marriage license.

The day before their elopement I drove to Beluga Point to make sure that all was well and to scout the area for possible views, tide status, and wind. This spot along the Seward Highway is notorious for being calm one second and the next second brings hurricane-force winds. The day I scouted, the inlet was quiet. So quiet you couldn’t tell where the mountains stopped and the water began. PERFECTION.

Around 4pm I picked up Jeff and Calliope from the Historic Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska and we hit the road towards Beluga Point. We arrive and unlike the previous day, the water has whitecaps and the wind is whipping. Jeff and Calliope were troopers. They had selected this location for the views and decided to push through the weather. The officiant arrived and we made our way to the lower rocks. Jeff and Calliope shared their vows and were married with the mountains as their witness.

Jeff reads his vows to his bride during their Alaska elopement

As the wind swirled around them, C + J shared their hand-written notes with passion, love, and promise for the future they would share together.

With a couple of “I Do’s,” Jeff and Calliope were officially married!

We all signed the marriage license while taking turns warming up in the car. North of Beluga Point is McHugh Creek, with stunning views and was the perfect place to pop some bubbly. We wandered and adventured, capturing their love and celebrating their newly minted marriage.

An Alaska Elopement - a smooch for the couple after popping some champs
A couple kisses after popping some bubbly to celebrate their Alaska Elopement

My favorite thing is surprising my elopement couples with a nice bottle of bubbly that they can pop and drink. Sometimes when there is a last-minute event, simple details can make an entire experience that much more special. An Alaska elopement with Uncharted Elopements is guaranteed to be epic, but I always try to level up the experience.

Jeff and Calliope, I wish you all the happiness, prosperity, and adventures you can handle. I sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future!