Brooke & Fabi: Engaged in Hatcher Pass

Fabi and Brooke reached out to schedule an Alaskan engagement session while they were traveling to visit family. When asked, Brooke and Fabi knew exactly where they wanted to have their engagement session. A year prior Fabi had proposed among the gorgeous mountain peaks of Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Fabi brushes hair from Brooke's neck at Hatcher Pass

Weather had been stunning for a fall day in Alaska. As I drove closer to the base of Hatcher Pass, the clouds continued to darken then unleashed. Torrential downpour pelted my car the entire drive to our meeting point. I always come prepared because weather in Alaska changes constantly.

Brooke and Fabi play in front of the Hatcher Pass Cabins

We met at the iconic red A-frame cabins in Hatcher Pass before we continued our journey further up the pass. The ground was wet, but vibrant and full of fresh, wild blueberries. Brook and Fabi laughed, snuggled, played, and soaked (literally) in every moment as I gave prompts. These two easily went from a lot of spicy to a lot of laughter throughout the entire session. It’s not every day you get to have an engagement session in Alaska, especially when you’re from Texas.

Fabi dips brooke at sunset at Hatcher Pass summit

As we ventured higher into the pass, the clouds finally opened and the sky lit up with drama. Brooke and Fabi meandered while I documented their love in their special place.

The sky illuminated the scraggly mountain and illuminated the golden grass of the surrounding summit.

This spot— THIS SPOT — I have been trying to locate for AGES and we happened to literally stumble upon it. What ensued was Brook and Fabi standing on the edge of this ledge (safely), while I hopped, skipped and ran around to the opposite side of this location to capture some of the most epic and scenic images I have ever taken.

The sun wrapped its warm arms around them as they soaked in the moment, the location, and their love for each other.

Golden light surrounds Brooke and Fabi at sunset in Hatcher Pass

Brooke and Fabi met while working together and, over the years, would occasionally bump into one another. The timing finally lined up and these two fell head over heels for each other.

We wrapped up the session popping bubbly on top of Hatcher Pass and toasting to their future and their love.

Having someone ask you to spend your life with them is, for lack of a better term, exciting! Each engagement session in Alaska that I document is wholly unique. From the couple, to the the location, and how the time together unfolds. There are plenty of reasons why Alaska is the perfect location for your engagement session or destination wedding.